Hand Tools Assist Human Society to Sustain the Development and Establish a Convenient Lifestyle

YIH CHENG FACTORY CO., LTD is one of the best screwdriver manufacturers in Asia countries, established in 1952 located in Nankang Industrial Area, Nantou, Taiwan.We started everything after World War II when YIH CHENG Factory Co., Ltd. was founded. As Taiwanese economic recovered and developed, the consumer industry started to boom. The first screwdriver made by YIH CHENG was to repair sewing machine. It enabled the massive production of domestic sewing machine. That was when Jack witnessed and believed that hand tools are necessary to establish a convenient lifestyle.

Company Product

YIH CHENG FACTORY CO., LTD is an original designer and manufacturer of various Screwdrivers, VDE Screwdriver, Ratchet driving handy tools, Multi-Purpose tools, related hand tool accessories, power tool accessories, and Tool set. The variable and complete range product ensures all users could find the right tools.

Focusing on Manufacture

Over 700 persons and operate in the two factories: Taiwan YIH CHENG for Screwdrivers and Hand Tool Accessories, and Kunshan YIH CHENG for Power Tool Accessories. The strong working teams perform high-impact and high-valued product to provide the various workshop needed.